Where do I go?


The church is located at 115 West Grand. If you have babies or toddlers, enter on the west side of the building. A nursery leader will direct you to the main sanctuary. If you don’t have babies or toddlers, enter on the north side of the building and go up the steps into the main sanctuary.


What time does church start?


Worship starts at 10:00am. It usually ends at 11:20.


What if I have children?


If you have babies or toddlers, enter on the west side of the building and go into the nursery. There, you will be met by a nursery leader who will sign your children in, answer any questions you may have, and direct you to the main sanctuary. After service, your children will be waiting in the nursery.
If you have children from kindergarten to 5th grade, bring them into the worship service with you. When the prayer time of the service is over, we will send them with a Children’s Ministry leader to Children’s Church. When their service is over, they will be brought back to you in the main sanctuary.


What should I wear?


We are a diverse congregation, with some men wearing suits and ties, some in cowboy boots and flannels, and some in jeans and t-shirts. Some women wear dresses and some wear pants. Modesty first, fashion last.


What happens in the service?


In the bulletin, you’ll find an “Order of Worship” on the front page. It changes occasionally, but for the most part it’s pretty standard. We’ll break it down for you here:




Churches function financially on the generosity of the people. If you want to give to the mission of Christian Life Church, there are 3 different options available. You may place a check or cash in the plate as it is passed, you may place a check or cash in the giving boxes in the lobby, or you can give online right here: eGiving Portal




Our worship team is a full band and will lead the congregation in songs to and about God. The words to the songs will be on screens for you to join in.


Corporate Intercession:


Our church loves prayer. We believe that if prayer is anything, then prayer is everything. During our service, we take time to pray together with music and singing to help engage the whole room.  A prayer leader will come to the pulpit, announce the topic we are praying for (ex; other churches, missionaries, schools, etc.) and then read and pray a scripture pertaining to that topic. Then the singers will begin singing a simple chorus from the scripture.


Private Prayer:


After our corporate prayer, we move into a time of private prayer. This is a time for you to pray privately in your seat, with those around you if you feel led to, or you can go the front of the room where our elders are available to pray with you.




The famous Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said: “What is the chief end of preaching? I like to think it is this. It is to give men and women a sense of God and His presence.”


This is the goal of our preaching. Our pastors will open the Bible, and for 30-40 minutes, aim to preach the good news of Jesus Christ in an understandable way, and trust that the Holy Spirit does a great work in the hearts of the congregation.




Our preaching points us to the finished work of Jesus Christ in His living, dying, resurrecting, ascending, sending of the Spirit, and soon return. We celebrate this Gospel by doing as Jesus commanded us to in taking the bread and juice in remembrance of His body and blood broken and shed for us. The deacons will pass this out and an elder will give instruction to take. If you are a Christian, we encourage you to participate in this part of the service. If you are not a Christian, we ask that you refrain.





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